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We have 2 locations within the same parking lot!

921 Country Club Rd Suite 222 is our main building located to the left when you enter the Country Club Professional Center parking lot. 


895 Country Club Rd Suite 100C is the last building off to the right when you enter the Country Club Professional Center Parking lot and drive straight through. This location has 3 counseling offices, 1 large group room, and the therapeutic art therapy room for the Creative Connections Program. 

This expansion was made possible by the grant from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust.



In-Person CO-VID Appointment Policy:

CAFA has implemented guidelines which are both required and suggested by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to ensure the safety of our clients and employees. Please familiarize yourself with them prior to coming in for your appointment:

You must wait in your car until I contact you when I am ready for your appointment, and I will come downstairs to meet you.

We are requesting you wear a mask while entering or leaving our building and while you are in our lobby
Please come to your appointment alone, only you will be allowed to come in for your appointment
Have you had a cough?
Have you had a fever?
Have you had shortness of breath?
Have you been in close contact with anyone with these symptoms or anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14 days?
If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, we will need to reschedule your appointment. We appreciate your honesty.
Coffee bar / water has been removed from our lobbies. Please bring your own beverage if desired.

We understand we may be asking a lot, but we want to keep CAFA a safe and healthy environment for yourself and others.                     


CO-VID 19:

We want you to know that CAFA is here for you during the CO-VID 19 pandemic.
Though our methods are changing for the time being our mission is still the same.

We know that many of you have already been meeting with one of our therapists or participating in a CAFA group and have wanted to continue to be a part of these.

Others of you may need temporary therapy via Telehealth or would like to start with therapy for the long-term.

The good news is that we have options for everyone and want to help you as you navigate life and the pandemic.

Please take a moment to look at our Telehealth options below:

Group Options:

Men’s and Women’s OPAC (Outgrowing Power Anger and Control) groups:

OPAC groups are designed to increase the emotional intelligence of group participants. Specifically, we aim to increase empathy, self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management by introducing and practicing tools that give insight into new ways of thinking, behaving, and regulating our emotions when we find ourselves tipped over. The tools presented in the course are supportive of increasing a client's emotional regulation abilities as well as widening their window of tolerance. Graduates have reported that the tools presented in the groups were beneficial in all of their relationships from intimate and familial to professional.

The link will take you to a secure portal where your data is encrypted and safe. Or if you would prefer, please call our office at 541-686-6000

Parenting After Crisis:

This 15-week parenting class is for parents who are in the middle of, or who have recently come out of crisis. The course teaches child-centered play principles and skills including reflective listening, recognizing and responding to children's feelings, therapeutic limit setting, building children's self-esteem, collaborative problem solving, and conscious discipline.

The link will take you to a secure portal where your data is encrypted and safe. Or if you would prefer, please call our office at 541-686-6000


Be sure you are using the most up to date version of zoom.

*Save meeting IDs to your device so you aren't locked out of group if our website goes down.*


Monday is the first group opportunity of the week and Sunday is the last. Please contact Samantha 541-579-6265 by Sunday at the latest if you need to have an absence excused.

Do you have choppy audio that comes in and out in group? Try to test your audio before group. CLICK HERE Joining group with a strong internet connection gives the best possible experience. Fluctuations with internet causes lags with audio and video in zoom. Test your internet connection to see if it is fast enough for zoom. The closer you and your device are to your wifi router, the stronger your connection will be.

Calling in for group? 1-669-900-9128 #6 to unmute


Time Facilitator Zoom URL for computers Meeting ID for smartphones & App Passcode
Monday Men's OPAC 6:00 pm Aaron & Becky 988-854-088 N/A
Tuesday Men's OPAC 6:00 pm Aaron & Garrett 925-743-452 N/A
Wednesday Men's OPAC 12:00 pm Rotating / All Staff 829-0913-6716 N/A
Wednesday Women's OPAC  6:00 pm Carolyn & Becky 344-939-189 N/A
Wednesday Men's OPAC 7:00 pm Terry & Aaron 219-768-658 N/A

Thursday CBI Men's


12:00 pm Terry & John 810-6707-0126 309815
Thursday Men's OPAC 6:00 pm Terry & Aaron 417-863-861 N/A
Thursday PAC 6:15 pm Corey & Becky 894-4165-3762 N/A
Saturday Women's OPAC 9:00 am Carolyn & Becky 881-4874-6116 N/A
Saturday Men's OPAC 11:00 am Carolyn & Tayo

869-0852-3769 N/A

Sunday Men's OPAC

12:00 pm Aaron & Terry 836-2400-1206 N/A


Has your phone number or address changed?

Please keep your information current with our front office 541-686-6000.

*To avoid any out of pocket costs, it is important to keep your contact information current with your insurance as well.

Click here to learn how to update your information with OHP.




Steps for connecting using a smartphone

Where is says "Samantha May" on the image below, on your phone it should say your first and last name. If it doesn't you will not be let in the group. Please change your link name so you can be recognized by our staff. 

Once you have followed steps 1-4 above you will see a message that you are waiting for the host to start the class. Once they do you will again be asked about audio and video. Select join with audio "call via device audio". Select join with video. 

Enjoy group!

No audio?

Press Join Audio on the bottom of your screen within the zoom app.

Select Call using internet audio.

Click more to get to the chat.

Swipe on your screen to see more of your fellow group members.

Still having trouble? Watch this brief tutorial. 


Steps for connecting from a phone call

Dial +1 669 900 9128

Enter the meeting ID for the group you want followed by #

If the meeting hasn't started press # to wait for the host to start the meeting.

You may be asked for a participant ID. Press # to skip.

If you have a question during the meeting dial 9 to raise your hand. Facilitators will see this and get to your question. To speak you will need to unmute yourself by dialing #6 on your phone.

Enjoy group!


Do you need a phone?

You may be eligible to receive free government phone service, plus a free phone, if you participate in the Lifeline program or any of the following government programs:
• Food Stamps/SNAP
• Medicaid
• SSI: Supplemental Security Income
• Veterans Pension benefit or Survivors Pension
• Section 8 or Federal Public Housing Assistance
• School Lunch Program: Free and Reduced-Price
• School Breakfast Program including the USDA Community Eligibility Provisions for 2020-2022
• Federal Pell Grant during the current award year
• WIC: The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women Infants and Children
• Tribal Specific Programs
o Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) General Assistance
o Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (Tribal TANF)
o Food Distribution Program on Indian Reserves (FDPIR)
o Tribal Head Start Income Eligibility

Click HERE to see if you qualify. 


Download a copy of our workbook below. Watch the videos and complete the workbook for Concepts/Classes 3-5 and you will receive credit for the classes completed. Parenting and OPAC will hopefully resume remotely in the coming weeks.


For now, you can text a photo of your completed workbook concepts to Samantha at 541-579-6265 and she will update your class count. You may also email photos to her at Be sure to include your name in the message!






TIPS for Parenting in Challenging Times

 Parenting in Challenging Times Part 2- Family Jobs That Build Purpose


The Naji Tokatly Neurofeedback Center is Now Open!

CAFA is excited to announce the opening of the Naji Tokatly Neurofeedback Center. The center opened in the summer of 2016 and includes 9 new neurofeedback machines and additional training for therapists. Neurofeedback is extremely helpful for clients experiencing anxiety, depression and behavioral issues and has been used for children experiencing ADHD or Autism. CAFA is so thankful for the generosity of the Tokatly Family. For more information click here.


CAFA Program Highlights:

Creative Connections


The Creative Connections Program seeks to creatively cultivate and build communities of compassion, connection, and purpose.  Our vision is accomplished by providing opportunities to practice and enrich skills in social and emotional regulation and relationship building in creative ways for people of all ages and abilities.







True Insight Parenting Strategies

TIPS is a FREE 6-10-week parenting series that focuses on attachment, proven and successful problem solving, play, and connection to solidify parent-child relationships. Each series is held in a local church. 

Please visit the TIPS website for future classes and resources. 





Individual, Couples & Family Counseling: Therapists are available to work with clients toward mental health goals including anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse, self-esteem, relationships, PTSD and much more.
Kids Connecting, Supervised Visitation Program; Provides a safe, comfortable, non-threatening and conflict-free environment in which children can spend time with their non-custodial parent while a visitation monitor is present to ensure the visit is safe and to assist in making the visit more enjoyable.


Neurofeedback: A state of the art, therapeutic training tool that can be used to improve a variety of health conditions including addiction, anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorder (ADD), autoimmune dysfunctions, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), attachment disorder, behavior disorders, seizure disorders, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), Tourettes syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, chronic pain, headaches and migraines, fibromyalgia, stress and sleep disorders, learning disorders, anger disorders, sports injuries and many others.


Outgrowing Power, Anger & Control (OPAC): Professionally led groups for men and women who use anger and control abusively in relationships and desire to change.  OPAC is a County approved Batterer Intervention Program. Many more groups and activities are available. Visit our Services or Groups pages for more information.

CAFA's Partners

CAFA is very grateful to be partially funded by private and corporate foundations and trusts as well as public grants who have chosen to invest in our mission: making a safer place for children. We also partner with numerous agencies and organizations in Lane County to help serve the needs of individuals and families. To learn more about agencies working toward the goal of making a safer place for children and of reducing child abuse in Lane County, please visit our Partners page at