Why Seeing Doesn’t Necessarily Have to be Believing

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Why Seeing Doesn’t Necessarily Have to be BelievingSometimes seeing isn’t believing. In other words, what you’re looking at- what you think your seeing- isn’t the truth at all. Let me give you an example:

I have a friend who inherited a pickup truck and a big television set in California a few years back. I mean this was no flat screen TV, it was one of those big black heavy models. Well my friend and his wife were driving back to Oregon up I-5 and decided to stop for the night. The husband didn’t feel good about leaving the TV in the truck so they carried it in and kept it in their room with them all night. The next morning they came out carrying the TV and you guessed it- it looked just like they were stealing the set from their room! By the way their TV looked exactly like the ones in each motel room. If you’d peaked out the blinds of your room and had seen them walking down the stairs with the set, all the facts would have lined up. After all you know what you saw. But you didn’t know the whole story.

Could it be that might be happening all the time in our lives? We see something that looks one way but if we stop and get curious, we might learn the whole story. We might find out that the truth is something completely different. As you go through your day and experience different things, conversations, conflicts, interactions, try to imagine that there might be another explanation for some of the things you witness. You might be surprised.