Parenting Classes


Parent-Child Connections

Our parenting classes teaches Filial Therapy (FT). Filial Therapy is a unique approach used by professionals trained in play therapy.  Parents are trained to be therapeutic agents with their own children through a format of didactic instruction, demonstration, play sessions, skills training, and practice play sessions.

We teach basic child-centered play principles and skills. These include reflective listening, recognizing and responding to children's feelings, therapeutic limit setting, building children's self esteem and the structuring required to have a supervised session, or when appropriate, an at home play session with their children using a special kit of selected toys.

Our classes are facilitated by CAFA therapists trained in child development, trauma, and group work.


Parents learn...

  • To communicate in ways that will strengthen the parent-child bond.
  • To identify each child's unique needs and strengths.
  • To understand their child's development.
  • To set limits without anger.
  • To identify emotions.
  • To self-regulate anger, fear, and frustration.
  • To encourage their children.
  • To use Collaborative Problem Solving.


15 Week Schedule

Class 1: Observe

You will learn the history of Filial play, the goals behind it, why this method helps parents create a tighter bond with their children and how it helps parents to feel more competent.

Class 2: Understand

You will work on the skill of reflecting and how this helps your child feel cared for, heard and understood by you.

Class 3: Reflect and Tracking

The purpose of tracking is so that you stay present with the child. Tracking is like being a sports commentator - you verbalize the child's play.

Class 4: Limit Setting

Learn how to set limits without getting angry. Effective limit setting creates an environment that teaches the child to become responsible for their actions and consequences.

Class 5: Review of the above four classes.

Class 6: STOP Method Part 1

Parents will learn to use this method to help them deal with their anger so that they in turn can help their children with how to manage theirs. Parents learn to model self-regulation.

Class 7: STOP Method Part 2

Continuation of the above.

Class 8: Introduction to Collaborative Problem Solving

Class 9: Instruction on Collaborative Problem Solving

Class 10: Encouragement vs. Praise

Class 11: Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children, part 1

Class 12: Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children, part 2

Class 13: How Domestic Violence Affects Kids

Class 14: Children's Love Languages

Class 15: Review

Review the above and discuss what is going well and challenges still arising.

"CAFA showed me friendliness and acceptance that I have not received in other programs. This, more than anything, has taught me how I need to be with my children as their father."

~ Father who completed the parenting program

Individuals interested in joining CAFA's parenting class must first complete an intake appointment with an intake therapist. This appointment costs $65. Once the intake is completed, participants may begin attending classes which cost $35 each. Some insurance companies will cover group sessions as long as the sessions are not mandated (by a judge, PO, DHS caseworker, etc). Payment plans are available.


For More Information and to find out when our Parenting Classes meet, please call our office at (541) 686-6000 or click here to view the Class Schedule.