Naji Tokatly Neurofeedback Center

The Naji Tokatly Neurofeedback Center

The Naji Tokatly Neurofeedback Center is in full operation thanks to the generosity of the parents of Naji. Mr. and Mrs. Tokatly donated the funds that made the creation of the center possible. As a result of their gift we have expanded our services and are able to serve many more people.

As a part of the Tokatly center, we offer partial scholarships to people who qualify. The cost for Neurofeedback is $60 a session with partial scholarship slots at $35 thanks to the generosity of the Tokatly family.

Neurofeedback, also known as EEG biofeedback, is a non-invasive technique that’s used to help the brain self-regulate. Using sensors and special computer software we simply measure the brain activity and reflect it back through a video display. When we allow the client’s brain to “see” its own activity, it can then adjust itself for better performance and function. At no time is there any application of current to the brain. We are only recording and using the information revealed to us through the EEG. To learn more about Neurofeedback, visit CAFA's Neurofeedback Page:


During the appointment the client sits comfortably in a chair and will watch a video monitor. They can either watch a movie or play a video game while the session is in progress.

Using neurofeedback to improve self-regulation of brain activity, our clients experience improved cognitive function emotionally and behaviorally. This applies whether the client is an adult suffering with symptoms like chronic headaches, anxiety or depression, or a child dealing with more severe conditions like autism, ADHA or epilepsy. Neurofeedback can also be a very useful tool for athletes, entrepreneurs or anyone looking to maximize their performance and function.


Behavior Challenges:

While medication and behavioral interventions can do a good job treating the symptoms of children with ADD or ADHD, Neurofeedback strengthens and stabilizes their brain naturally to regain better control and focus. Neurofeedback builds on the child’s strengths and focuses on the child as a whole person.

Stress and Anxiety:

Anxiety is a common response to stress, and sufferers can often feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and fatigued. Neurofeedback can help guide the brain to change how it responds to stimuli that disturbs your physical or mental equilibrium.

Peak Performance:
Concentration, focus and emotional control are key to achieving optimal performance in all areas of our lives. Athletes and business executives are beginning to take advantage of Neurofeedback technologies to learn how to utilize the full potential of their minds in order to reach their peak.

We have free Neurofeedback consultations available through Teresa Syrios at CAFA and she’s available to answer any questions you may have. Just give her a call at 541-686-6000.