Curt Thompson Videos

On April 1st and 2nd CAFA presented Real Love, Real Change and Your Brain, a free two day seminar with psychiatrist and author Dr. Curt Thompson. Here are his two presentations- Understanding the Impact of Childhood Attachment in ourselves and in our children and The Phenomenon of Shame- how shame can keep us from becoming the person God created us to be. If you missed the sessions or would like to hear them again, here’s your opportunity.

Childhood Attachment Video:

In this first installment of CAFA's Real Love, Real Change and Your Brain, Dr. Curt Thompson looks into the subject of childhood attachment and its importance in our growth and relationships. We learn that we can become better parents by truly making sense of our own stories.

Dr. Curt Thompson Friday Seminar-Childhood Attachment from Sandy Silverthorne on Vimeo.


Shame Video

Shame plays a role in making attachment difficult. Dr. Curt Thompson teaches us about this and the neurobiological and relational phenomenon of shame.



Safe Families

CAFA also introduced the community wide Safe Families for Children program during that weekend. Safe Families for Children provides temporary support for families in crisis. The program allows children to stay with volunteer families from churches for a limited time in order to avoid the children being placed in the foster system. For more information on Safe Families click here.