Class Schedule


Be sure you are running the most up to date version of zoom!!

Do you have choppy audio that comes in and out in group? Try to test your audio before group. CLICK HERE Joining group with a strong internet connection gives the best possible experience. Fluctuations with internet causes lags with audio and video in zoom. Test your internet connection to see if it is fast enough for zoom. The closer you and your device are to your wifi router, the stronger your connection will be. 



*Save meeting IDs to your device so you aren't locked out of group if our website goes down.*






Monday is the first group opportunity of the week and Sunday is the last. Please contact Samantha 541-579-6265 by Sunday at the latest if you need to have an absence excused. 

Calling in to group? 1-669-900-9128 #6 to unmute
Day/Group Time Facilitator Zoom URL for computers Meeting ID for smartphone & App Passcode
Monday Men's OPAC 6:00 pm Aaron & Becky 988-854-088 N/A
Tuesday Men's OPAC 6:00 pm Aaron & Garrett 925-743-452 N/A
Wednesday Men's OPAC 12:00 pm Terry 829-0913-6716 N/A
Wednesday Women's OPAC 6:00 pm Carolyn & Becky 344-939-189 N/A
Wednesday Men's OPAC 7:00 pm Terry & Aaron 219-768-658 N/A

Thursday CBI Men's


12:00pm Terry & Caroline 810 6707 0126 309815
Thursday Men's OPAC 6:00 pm Terry & Aaron 417-863-861 N/A
Thursday PAC 6:15 pm Corey & Becky 894-4165-3762 N/A
Saturday Women's OPAC 9:00 am Carolyn & Becky 881-4874-6116 N/A
Saturday Men's OPAC 11:00 am Carolyn & Becky 869-0852-3769 N/A


Sunday Men's OPAC

12:00 pm Aaron & John 836-2400-1206 N/A



Steps for connecting using a smartphone

Where is says "Samantha May" on the image below, on your phone it should say your first and last name. If it doesn't you will not be let in the group. Please change your link name so you can be recognized by our staff.

Once you have followed steps 1-4 above you will see a message that you are waiting for the host to start the class. Once they do you will again be asked about audio and video. Select join with audio "call via device audio". Select join with video.

            Enjoy group!           

No audio?

Press Join Audio on the bottom of your screen within the zoom app.

Select Call using internet audio.

Click more to get to the chat.

Swipe on your screen to see more of your fellow group members.

Still having trouble? Watch this brief tutorial. 


Steps for connecting from a phone call

Dial +1 669 900 9128

Enter the meeting ID for the group you want followed by #

If the meeting hasn't started press # to wait for the host to start the meeting.

You may be asked for a participant ID. Press # to skip.

If you have a question during the meeting dial 9 to raise your hand. Facilitators will see this and get to your question.

Enjoy group!




Download a copy of our workbook below. Watch the videos and complete the workbook for Concepts/Classes and you will receive credit for the classes completed. Please text or email photos of the completed workbook pages to Samantha. 541-579-6265 or