CAFA Services

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Individual, Couples & Family Counseling: Therapists (Depending on availability) are available to work with clients toward mental health goals including anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse, self-esteem, relationships, PTSD and much more.

Kids Connecting, Supervised Visitation Program; Provides safe, comfortable, non-threatening and conflict-free environment in which children can spend time with their non-custodial parent while a visitation monitor is present to ensure the visit is safe and to assist in making the visit more enjoyable.

Neurofeedback; A state of the art, therapeutic training tool that can be used to improve a variety of health conditions including addiction, anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorder (ADD), autoimmune dysfunctions, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), attachment disorder, behavior disorders, seizure disorders, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), Tourettes syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, chronic pain, headaches and migraines, fibromyalgia, stress and sleep disorders, learning disorders, anger disorders, sports injuries and many others.

Parenting After Crisis: A 15 week parenting class series based upon child-centered play principles and parenting skills.

You. Me. We. Couples Enrichment Classes: (Not currently offered) A class for couples integrating neuroscience, emotional intelligence and relationship skills.  Research based approaches to understanding yourself, your spouse and your relationship.  The focus is on giving practical and concrete steps to acheiev a happier partnership or marriage.

Outgrowing Power, Anger & Control (OPAC); Professionally led groups for men and women who use anger and control abusively in relationships and desire to change.  OPAC is a State approved Batterer Intervention Program.

Safe Families For Children Lane County: Temporary respite for families experiencing crisis.

True Insight Parenting Strategies: This free 8 & 10 week series focuses on building positive relationship patterns focused on empathy, humility, generosity, and servant-leadership.  The aim is to help parents become experts in the field of relating to others through boosting emotional intelligence and increasing insight.