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Exercise and Nanny Neurons: New Developments on Anxiety Relief

Exercise and Nanny NeuronsI know that it would be an understatement to say that anxiety can really impact a person’s daily life.  I see a number of clients who deal with anxiety and are looking for some type of relief.  A lot of these clients don’t want to go on medication and are looking for natural ways to alleviate anxiety and its symptoms.  I have alway

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Why Your IQ Won’t Predict Your Success and How to Improve what Will

Why Your IQ Won't Predict Your Success and How to Improve what WillIf you think back to your high school days, remember the brainiac, the one who aced every test and had SAT’s scores that were the envy of all the class. They probably had an IQ score close to Einstein’s.

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Everyone Experiences Anxiety

Reducing AnxietyEveryone experiences anxiety from time to time. It’s normal to get symptoms like butterflies, heart palpitations or shortness of breath. Our bodies have a built in fight, flight, or freeze response to danger.

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